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Make your next function, meeting or event extra special, healthy and fresh. Treat your guests to a vibrant, colorful, and full flavour experience.
Contact me so we can design an inspiring menu that meets your needs and your budget.


Provide delicious, mouthwatering, convenient and healthy lunches that your staff look forward to, and keep them energised, healthy and productive. 
Contact me to discuss your staff numbers, delivery days and budget.

Recipe Development

It’s not just your vegetarians and vegans who want exciting food options. Increasingly meat eaters are vegging up their diets, to be healthier and to take care of the environment.   Wow your customers with fresh, original and exciting vegetarian and vegan dishes that create raving and happy fans that will be coming back for more! 

Let's meet to get inspired about your new recipes, menu or product possibilities.


About the chef

Guru Khalsa-Smit

As a lifelong vegetarian it has not always been easy to come across good tasting food. It’s taken a long time for tasty vegetarian and vegan food options to make their way on to the menus of cafes and restaurants here in Amsterdam.

But thankfully so, as this same frustration also fueled my desire to explore the world of cooking. Experimenting with flavor combinations and creating yummy new vegetarian and vegan dishes became my pastime.


In the past 7 years I have been lucky enough to put my cooking skills to the test, working as a freelance cook, offering caterings, making lunches for different co-working spaces and offices as well as menu development. 


What I love most about cooking is the creative outlet it gives me. Playing with flavors and textures as well as creating food that puts a smile on people’s faces. Contact me so we can design an inspiring menu that meets your needs and your budget.



Guru is a magic cook, her dishes are healthy, colourful, creative and yummy - it’s so difficult to achieve all of this at once, but she does it every Wednesday for The Thinking Hut!

The food tonight was lovely, thank you so much.

Our board members were surprised— I’d told them we’d provide a ‘simple meal’— they weren’t expecting something so special.

Laura Hassler

without borders

Dennis Wijnker

Doctor Evidence

Compliments from everyone, thank you for a tasty lunch that sustained us without weighing us down!

Jane Caldwell

Love at First Bite

Guru’s insight into the way in which food can be prepared and served was an incredible asset to my company and won over the hearts and stomachs of many of our customers and clients.

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